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Rustic Dairy Barn

Bridal Suite


The feed and milking section has been renovated into the bridal suite.  There are up to nine stations that can be utilized.  Each station has a large counter, mirror, lighting, outlets and usb charging ports.  Two sections are lower with chairs and the middle section is higher with stools.  A large antique mirror and seating has been added. 

Grooms Staging area


With limited rooms in the barn, we have left the loft areas on both ends of the barn.  The front loft can be used for the Grooms waiting area.  As there is not a changing room for the groomsmen to use, there is a mens restroom.  

Barn Seating


The barn seating consists of two sections of seating with an aisle in the middle.  We decided to use cushioned chairs for seating, so the barn can be easily configured for multiple uses.   The seating can accommodate around 125 people with some able to stand in the lobby and seating in the loft above the lobby.  Two sets of barn doors can be closed to provide a more secluded intimate barn ceremony.  

Ceremony area


The ceremony area is under the loft at the opposite end of the barn.  The backdrop is a stained square lattice mounted to the wall for any custom decorating options.  The front of the loft post and beam can also be decorated, if desired.  Rustic oil lantern light sconces are around the walls and two windmill ceiling fans will circulate air.  Uplighting onto the interior roof, adds a dramatic effect of the barns structure.

Indoor loft


Over the ceremony site is a loft that can be used for unique picture effects.  Access to the loft is from the outside which goes up to a deck, for incredible outdoor pictures with the back drop of the barn.  Or inside on the loft with unique decor.  The options for photographs with the barn are limitless.... 



There is a lobby area that can be utilized for additional viewing, decorating or sign in and gift tables.   There are also men and women bathrooms connected to the barn, so inside and outside access can be attained.  Bathrooms are handicap accessible.